Welcome new Chapter members! We're excited to have you join us.

There are so many ways to be involved: attending meetings, volunteering, or joining one of our working groups/committees. We have committees working on Climate Education in Schools, Climate-Friendly Food, Renewable Energy and Plastic Reduction. Please fill out this interest form to let us know if you are interested in one of these (or if there is a climate solution you would like to be involved in that is not listed). We'll be in touch!

NEXT WEEK: Tuesday, Sept 21, 7-8:30 pm

Climate Reality Leader Frank Granshaw will be attending COP26 in Glascow. He will be discussing broadening engagement by creating "virtual bridges" and how we can be involved in this critical international process.

“What goes on at Climate Change COPs?” Now that the U.S. has rejoined the Paris Climate Accords under President Biden, it is more important than ever to learn how the international debate on climate change is conducted and what the U.S. will be participating in going forward. This is an opportunity to learn the basics, then dig a little deeper, especially how to get connected with the global effort from right here in Portland, Oregon.

Frank Granshaw is a retired geoscience educator, glacial geologist, and insufferably proud grandpa from Portland, Oregon. In addition to being actively involved in climate education and advocacy through Portland State University, the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s Creation Justice Program, American Geophysical Union, and the Oregon Science Network of the Union of Concerned Scientists, he has been an observer delegate to two UN Climate summits and is one of the founders of the PDX Climate Bridge.

Want to get prepped and ready to go for the discussion? Read up on The Paris Agreement at The Climate Reality Project.

We will also be discussing local legislative actions, our new renewable energy group, our Pachamama connection, and special chapter news and committee updates.

Register Now for "Getting Into Action"

This is a great complement and next step to the education you've received through Climate Reality Training. Join Climate Reality Leader Ken Barker and Pachamama volunteers and learn more about getting into climate action. In this five-session course (via zoom), you’ll look at climate solutions as presented by Drawdown that are most appropriate to each of us and how we can implement them in our communities. Watch (1 minute): https://www.drawdown.org/climate-solutions-101 .
You’ll connect with others who share your interests and can collaborate with you on shared projects.

  • Help us move toward mitigating the worst effects of global climate change.
    • Learn about climate solutions that are appropriate to you and your community.
    • Connect with others who also want to make a difference.
    • Get fresh ideas and inspiration as you get into effective climate action.

Recruit, Educate, Connect, Support, Inspire

This 5 week course will help you focus on how you can Get Into Action for Climate Change.
Participating will help you connect to ways that you can be proactive in reducing the effects of climate change.

Getting Into Action
Sundays 7:00 to 8:30 pm PST: Nov. 7, 14, 21; and Dec. 5, 13, 2021.
Nov. 28 is optional time for you to discuss with the coordinators your specific Getting Into Action ideas

Free Course, but pre-registration is required. Email your interest in attending and questions to: ClimateGIA@gmail.com


Please send comments to Government Brown by September 17th to support stronger draft rules for the DEQ Climate Protection Policy. Then, in the following weeks, sign up to provide short oral comments and written support. This is critical as these actions will be counted and there will be a lot of opposition to stronger climate policies. We will be discussing this in the Chapter meeting with Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) Board President, Alan Journet, but please take the first step on this week.

Introducing: Renewable Energy Working Group

We have a new group in our Chapter! Their mission is to connect consumers and advocates, share information about renewable energy initiatives, and develop strategic actions and collaborative opportunities to accelerate non-polluting energy and storage projects in their local Oregon communities. Email climaterealityportland@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more or would like to be added to their emails. Nick Keenan is the lead and will give us an overview at our Chapter meeting!

Interested in helping our youth learn about solutions to climate change? Join our Education Team!

The Climate Reality Project, Portland Chapter is a partner with the SAGE Vision 2030 Team. This year in partnership with Portland Public Schools we will share with high school students a district wide monthly climate career series, two hands on climate solutions fairs for middle school students, 50+ classroom presentations on our regional climate action plan and a number of 60 second TikTok videos. We’d love to have you as oart of our team. Contact Lynn Merrick at lynnmerrick@kolabnow.com

Volunteer training is the week of October 25th. More information here.

Save the Boreal: Digital Week of Action

From Environment America: An opportunity to participate in a national digital week of action to help protect the largest intact forest on the planet, the boreal forest in Canada, which we’re losing at a rate of 1.5 football fields per minute. Sign up for the digital week of action here. The time commitment is less than a minute, and the more people that participate, the better!

The boreal's trees absorb enough carbon each year to offset the global warming pollution of 24 million cars; they provide habitat for endangered caribou and over 5 billion birds; and they are the livelihood and home of over 600 Indigenous communities. Unfortunately, these trees are being pulped to create extra-soft tissues and toilet paper for manufacturers like Procter & Gamble, who believe that’s what their customers want. Procter & Gamble, the producer of Charmin, Puffs and Bounty, has the means to make tissue products from alternative materials, like wheat straw, bamboo and recycled paper. So, from September 20th to 25th, environmental organizations across the US will be tweeting, signing petitions, writing letters or sending emails to let Procter & Gamble know that we, American consumers, want them to stop flushing our forests. If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Week of Action activities, register for more information.

Feature your climate action or event!

We will be featuring different climate actions our members are involved in, and what other members can do to help. Please send us an email at climaterealityportland@gmail.com with a paragraph or two on specific actions that need support in our State, and a link to the details and a deadline. In the subject line, add "Climate Action Needed" and the topic.
Please follow this Meetup Group created, and now hosted, by Portland Climate Reality Leaders, where we will promote local climate-related events, all Climate Reality Portland Chapter events as other virtual events around Climate Change and Sustainability. If you are interested in having your event featured here as well, please email us for consideration.