The Renewable energy picture in Oregon:

What is being done and what can we do now?
Next Chapter Meeting is TOMORROW:
Tuesday, March 16, 6:30 – 8 pm.

We're kicking off a series of events with speaker Rob Del Mar, Central Oregon Field Analyst, who will give us a view of how the ODOE and the PUC/Legislature are addressing the development of renewable energy in Oregon. Rob will leave us with some opportunities which we will follow up over the next month or two. The goal in this speaker series is to line up some actions we can take as a Climate Reality Chapter, that are aligned with state policy as we work towards meeting goals to get off fossil fuels.

We will also have our Chapter and Committee updates. Trainings, elections and more. Please join us!


Thursday, March 18, 7-8 am PST

Please join The Climate Reality Project’s Founder and Chairman Al Gore for a Town Hall focused on the year ahead for global action on the climate crisis, including important moments and hopeful trends.

Chairman Gore and The Climate Reality Project’s international branch managers will share what’s next for the international climate movement in the wake of the US elections and across the world as we approach deadlines for enhanced ambition, reflect on climate impacts, and investigate a waterfall of new commitments in the public and private sectors.

US Climate Reality Training Deadline to Apply: March 24

Training takes place over April 22 - May 2, 2021

This is the only virtual training offered in 2021 focused specifically on the US.

Join us online this April and learn how to drive real change in the United States. Because we can create the world we want, but only if we the people step up and demand it. The training is free and registration is open now, so claim your spot: bit.ly/virtual-US-training

Our Chapter looks forward to new members joining this training. Please invite others you know (anywhere in the US) who care about climate action!

What are you interested in?

We will be sending out details on the elections and holding our Chapter elections soon.

Please help us know what your interests are, what committees you'd like to know more about, and committees you would be interested in forming.

Looking for more Climate Action events?

Follow this Meetup Group created, and now hosted, by Portland Climate Reality Leaders, where we will promote local climate-related events, all Climate Reality Portland Chapter events as other virtual events around Climate Change and Sustainability.

Our Committees

We have Climate Education in Schools, Climate-Friendly Food, and Plastic Reduction Committees underway.

Business Working Group, Presentations Working Group, Social Justice Committee will be starting soon
. We will continue to connect with other groups about Climate Legislation. If you can lead that committee or the Presentation Working Group for our chapter, please let us know. Email us to learn more or get connected with an active group.