Tonight's Agenda

  • A Conversation with Kate Gaertner on sustainability at all levels, and how that moves the needle with climate change. Q&A to follow.
  • 24 Hours of Reality: October 29 we will join together with climate leaders worldwide on this initiative.
  • COP26 Updates: Take a look at the portal on Connecting to COP26
  • Committee and Chapter updates
  • Social time: stay on a bit longer at the end and let's talk! We want to meet you.

Do Individual Actions Matter?

Tuesday, October 19, 7 pm

Many of us question- do our individual actions matter when most carbon emissions are from the fossil fuel industries? Does it really change anything for people to reduce their own carbon footprints instead of focusing on changing Federal policy?

Climate Reality Leader Kate Gaertner is Founder and CEO of TripleWin Advisory, a Corporate Sustainability Consultant who also leads workshops about individual sustainability and has recently written a book called "Planting a Seed: 3 simple steps to sustainability." She makes a compelling case that we need to act on all levels and that all of us are stakeholders.

Bring your questions as we explore this sometimes controversial topic that arises in climate circles.

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