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Tuesday, November 16, 7 pm

Frank Granshaw spoke with our chapter before this global climate conference. He's back to share his experience, and is joined by Annette Carter, his wife and fellow attendee. We'll get to hear how this conference went and differences from previous years.

For some background, take a look at this portal Frank created. Bring your questions as we look forward to pledges made, and what the future holds.

We will follow this discussion with special chapter news and committee updates. Social time at the end for those who wish to stay.

Welcome new Chapter members!

There are so many ways to be involved: attending meetings, volunteering, or joining one of our working groups/committees. We have committees working on Climate Education in Schools, Climate-Friendly Food, Renewable Energy and Plastic Reduction. Please fill out this interest form to let us know if you are interested in one of these (or if there is a climate solution you would like to be involved in that is not listed). We'll be in touch!
We will be featuring different climate actions our members are involved in, and what other members can do to help. Please send us an email at climaterealityportland@gmail.com with a paragraph or two on specific actions that need support in our State, and a link to the details and a deadline. In the subject line, add "Climate Action Needed" and the topic.

Local climate actions and events

Please follow this Meetup Group created, and now hosted, by Portland Climate Reality Leaders, where we will promote local climate-related events, all Climate Reality Portland Chapter events as other virtual events around Climate Change and Sustainability. If you are interested in having your event featured here as well, please email us for consideration.