Join the COP25 in Madrid, from Portland.

The PDX virtual bridge is the collective effort of educators, activists, groups, and institutions in Portland Oregon. It is organized by a team from Portland State University, Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, Lewis and Clark College, and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, in Portland, Oregon.

The idea of the virtual bridge is to give local people a chance to experience what is taking place at COP25 in Madrid and to have an impact on the proceedings by communicating with observers, delegates, and others attending the conference.

Monday, December 2nd is opening night at OMSI, there will be 2 panels - one with people who have attended a COP and one with people who are involved in grassroots action here in Portland.

There is another event scheduled for December 7th: Ocean BlueCOP Program at Lewis and Clark, 10 am – 12 pm.

There will be many local environmental organizations there, including our Climate Reality Project: Portland Chapter.
Free registration and more details here: https://pdxbridgetocop25.net/register/
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