Climate Reality News

Climate Reality has some exciting changes coming up. They have had to postpone 4 out of the 5 trainings they had scheduled for this year but are busy working on new ways to get trained and other initiatives, so stay tuned!

New HUB access for non-trained members!

If you have registered as a Chapter member, you should have received an email from them with a registration link which will grant you new access to working groups, chapter resources, and the pages for requesting presentations and posting events. Make sure you are registered, or use this registration link to get access.
Some of our Portland Chapter members, Leadership Team and Presenters from our September event. Brian Ettling (lower right), Amy Hall (lower left).

Portland Chapter Update &
Leadership Changes

We had been holding monthly chapter meetings until we had to cancel the March 17 event due to Covid-19. We will not be having an April Chapter meeting this month as previously planned. We have needed to restructure our own lives to deal with this pandemic and recognize that has also been a priority for many of you. We hope you are all saying safe and doing well during this difficult time!

We will be getting a Zoom account for our chapter to use for virtual presentations from Climate Reality. This will allow us to host virtual presentations soon. Let us know if you would like to present to the chapter, or if you would like to help with the technical aspects of moving to the Zoom platform.

Brian Ettling is stepping down as Interim Chapter Chair. He offered to be Interim Chair in July 2019. He has done a great job with organizing and leading our chapter including two large successful events around Climate Legislation. He and Amy Hall have been working to keep a Portland Chapter presence as we lost many of our Leadership Team in November 2019. We are grateful for his leadership, and grateful that he has offered to continue to work with us on presentations and other needs!

New Interim Chair, Amy Hall

First of all, thank you to Brian for all your work. It's been a challenge and I appreciate you staying on longer than you planned. A quick intro about me: I have been part of this Chapter since August 2018 when I trained in Los Angeles. I have been the Marketing/Communications Lead and working on social media, email newsletters, organizing and promoting events, finding venues and speakers, helping with climate education initiatives and mentoring.

I really want the Portland Chapter to continue, but will not be able to continue it without help. I will do what I can, but am self-employed with teenagers at home, so my volunteer time is becoming quite strained. We had asked for volunteers to join our Leadership Team in January, but did not get any applications. You are still welcome to apply, and we can hold elections once we have some candidates. Feel free to contact me for more information.

In the meantime, I have spoken with Climate Reality and am proposing this structure for our chapter which will allow people to be involved in sub-committees of the areas they are most interested in. They would hold their own meetings and be a liaison with the Leadership Team. Email me if you would like to be part of one or more of these groups!

The 3-4 committees that will be formed, based on interest are:
Business Working Group
Presentation and Training
Climate Education in Schools
Climate Legislation

This structure will allow members who are involved in other groups to share what they are doing with us, and allow Climate Reality Portland Chapter to support their efforts while we maintain our focus of education and presenting.

Earth Day Action

There are many amazing virtual events happening locally and nationally for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this week. Please take one minute of your time and join the Faces of Climate Change movement that we talked about at our last meeting which was started by one of our Portland Chapter members, Kate Gaertner. Share your reasons and we will amplify our stories together. Read about the project, watch some sample videos and please share with others. You can add your voice from home for now!