Meet the producer, ask questions, and take action!

We're so excited to have Megan Ponder, producer of the Story of Plastic join us in conversation with Climate Reality Leader Kate Gaertner! Please watch the film online for free, (link expires tonight) and then come with your questions and learn how plastics are connected with climate change, and how to get involved in taking action.

If you can't join the webinar, we plan to record this so please register.

Join us June 3, 2020: 6:30 pm:
Register here.

Megan Ponder, CoDirector, Peak Plastic Foundation, Producer, The Story of Plastic

Megan Ponder is an accomplished public policy expert, researcher, and a producer of the award-winning documentary The Story of Plastic. Megan's work is focused on plastic pollution including regulatory policy, plastics production, and global recycling systems and waste flows. Previously, Megan worked on waste and recycling policy and programs at the City of Portland and served as the mayor’s sustainability policy coordinator. She has worked with stakeholders representing government, industry, and community perspectives on plastic pollution and waste management. Megan is Co-Director of Peak Plastic Foundation and lives on the Oregon Coast where she is involved in local issues including forest practices, clean water, and wild fish conservation.

Kate Gaertner is the Founder and CEO of TripleWin Advisory and a leading expert on personal and business sustainability.

Kate is the author of numerous articles on microplastics, chemical recycling and building sustainability among individuals and the broader community. She thinks in systems and is a big proponent in the circularity of stuff. Learn more about her and her business at www.TripleWinAdvisory.com and her climate change efforts at www.TheIinClimateChange.com.