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Make the commitment today! We will help you get ready. Oct. 10-11.

Hello Portland Chapter members,
I know how it can be difficult to do presentations, especially if it is your first one. I will personally commit to book my own presentation for 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future, please join me!

We have only one member so far who has registered to do a presentation (I know more are planning to do so), and our Chapter goal is seventeen!

Countdown to the Future is a global, virtual conversation highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis and the solutions we have at-hand to solve it, as well as the particular importance of action at this critical moment of widespread social and racial unrest and with so many reeling from the dangers of COVID-19. Climate Reality Leaders will be presenting virtually on October 10-11 in all 50 US states and countries around the world. Once you book your presentation, you’ll gain access to numerous great resources, including the official Presentation Toolkit, the fully licensed slide deck, and a video of former Vice President Al Gore delivering it! There is even a video of Vice President Gore introducing you as a trained Climate Reality Leader to include in your own presentation on the big day. After your presentation a tree will be planted for each participant! The most important benefit is that you will be part of this critical action of awareness. Especially before the election, we need people to understand the urgency of climate action and make it a priority issue. As we are mostly virtual these days, you can invite your family from around the US, people from your neighborhood, or present to your company or book club. If you haven't done this before, make this your first presentation. Just take the first step.

How can we be helpful to you as you plan your Countdown to the Future presentation? We have a lot of resources to share from individual help, to specific recorded webinars. Booking your presentation only takes a few minutes, so I hope you’ll do it today! Members who do not have access to the hub, you can have access to the Truth in 10 slides and help with the presentation personally. Thanks in advance for joining this worldwide conversation and please let me know how I can help at climaterealityportland@gmail.com

Amy Hall
Portland Chapter Co-Chair

Save the date for our Chapter Meeting: Oct 20, 6:30 pm!

We had over 30 people join us in September and recorded most of the meeting. Apologies to those who had problems finding the zoom link. We will post that to the website soon for those who missed it. Details in the next email. Use this link to join on October 20.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 963 4899 5081
Password: Portland