Welcome new Climate Reality Leaders!

The first Online Global Training just finished, and we are thrilled to have a large group of newly-trained Oregonians join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps!

In the Portland area alone, we had around 40 members who took part in this training and dozens in rural Oregon as well. It was a very high-quality training with a series of live sessions with VP Al Gore, Speakers, and table work via zoom, with on-demand webinars that could be watched within the training. Thank you to all the mentees and mentors who made this commitment!

Did you want to join this training and missed it? There will be just one more training for this year, and application space is very limited. You can register ASAP for the second online Global Training coming up later this month: August 28-Sept 3.

Join our August Chapter meeting:
"My Most Important Solutions to Climate Action"

August 18, 2020: 6:30-8 pm
Register here for the Zoom link.

Brian Ettling, Portland Chapter's Climate Legislation and Presentation Working Group Lead, is a professional Climate Change Communicator, Organizer, Writer, and Public Speaker. He will be speaking on the importance of contacting your members of Congress for Climate Action. As an experienced and knowledgable speaker, he will offer us valuable information and inspiration. For our new leaders, Brian will show how he has incorporated his personal climate story and the Truth in 10 slides into a custom presentation.

We also take time to meet those joining us, and to share other group initiatives and how we can support them.

Ways to get involved in the Portland Chapter

We have a number of new people who will be joining our Leadership Team and Committees. We currently have leaders supporting Climate Legislation, Climate Education in School, Business Working Group and Presentation Working Group. In addition, we have many individuals who want to join forces and form committees on climate action in these areas: Reducing Plastic and Food Waste, Plant-Rich Diets, Climate Justice, as well as other items around infrastructure, solar, EV and agriculture.

We encourage you to fill out this interest form by 8/7 so we can plan the next steps and connect with individuals who want to work on the same initiatives or campaigns.

If you missed some or all of the training, you are still very welcome to join our committees and leadership team. Less than half of our current members are formally trained, and it is not a requirement to be part of our Chapter.

As we all will work on Oregon state legislation and policies together, please take a look at the amazing SW Oregon Chapter which includes everyone in Oregon who does not have a local chapter.

Learn more about the Leadership Team roles and let us know if you are interested in becoming part of the team! We are planning to meet soon, so please let us know right away if you would like to be a part of this. We will introduce the new members in our next newsletter and also have another exciting speaker we will be hosting. Watch out social media channels for the latest.

Thank you!
Amy Hall, Climate Reality Project, Portland Chapter Chair