November Chapter Meeting, tonight!
November 17, 6:30-7:45 pm.

Join us for our last meeting of the year besides an informal holiday social. We will have 2 great topics for this month's chapter meeting!

Climate Reality Leader Lynn Merrick will give us the latest on Climate Education in Schools and the upcoming Vision 2030 summit. She will offer specific ways to get involved in the Climate Education Committee.

The SAGE Vision 2030 Team offers a local, place-based approach to educate middle and high school students about the Portland metropolitan region’s groundbreaking efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. The Team develops locally-relevant lessons on climate solutions, service-learning offerings, and information about workforce opportunities.

The Climate-Friendly Food Committee presents guest expert Rowdy Keelor, Portland Director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, to give a short presentation on how food and climate change are connected.

Rowdy gives thousands of presentations to businesses, organizations and schools for FFAC. He will give an overview of how animal agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions are linked, and how food choices are connected to mitigating climate change globally and can help to achieve local climate action goals.

We will have introductions and connect with all of the members in our climate community at the end, please share any projects or initiatives you are working on.

Direct link to the zoom meeting below.

Get involved with OR Climate Legislation

We are still looking for a Legislative Lead for our Chapter!

In the meantime, to stay up to date, we recommend joining this email listserv used to coordinate advocates on the rulemaking and implementation of the Oregon Climate Action Plan (Executive Order 20-04). This googlegroup will share communications, policy, and public comment period updates across all issue areas of OCAP. For more information or to be added to this group, please contact Nora Apter at noraa@oeconline.org or Zach Baker at zachariah.baker@climatesolutions.org. We will also share updates through the newsletter and social media as much as possible.

An opportunity for our Chapter to cook food for homeless shelters

With the continuously evolving situation around COVID, one section of the population that has been particularly affected are the people being served at homeless shelters.

Working on a string shoe budget, social distancing norms during COVID meant these organizations were forced to stop their Community Kitchens.

The idea is for a group of 5-10 Climate Reality Volunteers to cook together virtually via Skype or WebX over a specific weekend and donate the cooked food to a homeless shelter.

We will be partnering with NW Veg to create a healthy, delicious, climate-friendly meal that could then be cooked on the following weekend and donated to a shelter.

Please email us if you are interested and we will set up the date and give you more details.
If you aren't interested in cooking but would like to help, we will need volunteers to coordinate the pickup and delivery of food to the homeless shelter.

Volunteer with our Chapter

We are looking for help with specific needs. Let us know if one of these projects aligns with your skills and experience! Please email us at climaterealityportland@gmail.com and we will work with you!

Our Committees

We have Climate Legislation, Climate Education in Schools, Business Working Group, Presentations Working Group, Climate-Friendly Food, Plastic Reduction, and Social Justice.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the interest form to let us know which committees you are interested in (or let us know if there is a climate solution you would like to be involved in that is not listed). Please do fill it out if you haven't yet. We will be in touch!