Climate Legislation

Target governing bodies and policies that address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions culprits in Oregon, including efforts to support more clean energy and clean transportation. This includes “bottom up” efforts such as convincing individual entities to commit to 100% renewable energy as well as “top down” efforts such as Oregon or regional legislation.

What is the Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP)

Learn more about this major undertaking on Climate Action! This is our current version of that gives a great overview and answers some of the most frequently asked questions. Thank you to Mike Green for compiling this document.
FAQ on Oregon Climate Action Plan


All Oregon Chapters Meetup Notes

July 29, 2020

Great to see so many people on the call. (If you missed it, find a link to the recording below.) We began by introducing ourselves including the part of Oregon we are from.

Included in introductions were leaders in Southwestern Oregon Chapter, including Richenda, Bill Bradbury, Hogan Sherrow. Adding new member Alan Journet. Hogan founded ROCPAC (Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee) where Bill and Alan are on the steering committee. Alan Journet and his partner Kathy founded and lead SOCAN (Southern Oregon Climate Action Now).

Introductions with the leaders of the PDX chapter included Amy Hall, Chair, and Jane Stackhouse and Brian Ettling. Brian has organized speakers and events for the chapter, and both he and Jane are very active working on OCAP, the Oregon Climate Action Plan, which was signed into law as an Executive Order by Governor Kate Brown. OCAP is very complex, and organizations around the state are working on addressing how it will be implemented.

Opportunities within the chapter talked about today included connecting with Pachamama and Project Drawdown leaders, forming a team working on education, forming a team working on food waste and plant-based diet, connecting with those working with climate legislation, and creating some ‘on boarding’ materials such as glossaries and FAQs about the Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP) to help people find where they can contribute and, even, what it even is.

At the next chapter meetings, Chairs and leaders will hope to put drawdown, education, food waste, and OCAP (Oregon Climate Action Plan) on the agenda to further break out next steps there.

Thank you for attending the meeting!! This is how we learn what your interests are and listen for how we can help you to plug in. If you could not make the meeting, PLEASE connect with us and share your interests / expertise. We would love to get you connected.

Next chapter meeting for Southwestern Oregon is August 12 at 9am. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month via zoom. Please connect with Richenda to be added to the chapter list, and so the zoom invite list.

Chapter meetings for Portland Chapter are the 3rd Tuesday or the month at 6:30 pm via Zoom. Please email us at to be added to the invite list.

IMPORTANT: This is the last Chapter specific business we will send through mentors. Please make sure the chapter you want to connect with has your email address. Either send directly to Amy or Richenda, or, if you want to become a chapter member, register here

Link to the recording of the meeting:

Richenda (Southwestern Oregon

Amy (PDX)


Southwestern Oregon: