Updates on HB2020

Here’s a message from Renew Oregon

It all comes down to this. The Oregon House passed the Clean Energy Jobs bill with overwhelming support this week! The state Senate is the final stop for this bold climate action before the Governor can sign it into law.

Don’t look back and wonder if you did everything you could. Email your Senator right away.

There are less than two week left to finish. Will Oregon step up to be a leader in protecting the climate or will we let down our children and grandchildren by handing off a world of unimaginable damage?

Given the choice, it’s easy to take a minute out of your day right now to let your Oregon Senator know it’s time for climate action. Every vote is critical.

ABC News, LA Times, Washington Post and others across the nation reported this week saying Oregon is on the verge of passing the most progressive climate protection in the country!

Industrial polluters are urging Republican lawmakers to deny Oregonians this climate protection by walking out of the Senate — so there can be no vote. Let your state Senator know you want this to go to a vote on the Senate floor. And to vote YES!

Oregonians have waited more than 10 years for this chance to hold large polluters accountable for what they’re putting into our air while at the same time investing in our communities to help transition to a clean energy economy. This legislation will do both!

Let’s finish this thing!

Tera Hurst
Executive Director
Renew Oregon
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Here is a video from Al Gore discussing HB2020.