Leadership Team & Committees

Please consider joining us so we can continue to have a local presence and create events and host presentations. We would love to have two leaders for each role, and if you are interested in being part of the leadership team without a specific role, just contact us!

Our number one goal, and what makes Climate Reality unique from other environmental organizations, is that we focus on educating members and the public. We build awareness and educate about the drivers, impacts, and solutions to the climate crisis. You do not need to have completed the Climate Reality Training Corps to join the Leadership Team (except for the Chair and Co-Chair roles). Please read the descriptions, and fill out your interest form here!

2020 Leadership Team

Amy Hall and Frank Neville-Hamilton, Co-Chairs
McKenna McKee, Communication and Marketing
Bria Smith, Programs and Events Lead
Melinda Chandos, Secretary
Alison Walcott and Bernadette Rogers, Membership Leads
Bill Malloch, Committees Lead

Committee Leads

Lynn Merrick, Climate Education Lead
Kate Gaertner, Business Lead
Marvin Pemberton and Brian Ettling, Presentation Working Group Leads
Brian Ettling and Dan Frye, Climate Legislation Leads
Sara Mihm and Linda Hendrickson, Plant-Based Committee Leads
Meredith Lockwood and Alison Walcott, Social Justice Leads
Melissa Nash, Plastic and Toxins Reduction Lead

Role Descriptions

Chapter Chair:

  • Set up and attend Leadership meetings, create the agenda
  • Communicate with Climate Reality Chapter
  • Work with Co-Chair
  • Check-in with the other leads.

Chapter Co-Chair

  • Attend monthly leadership meetings
  • Chair leadership and general meetings where the chair is not available
  • Regular brainstorming and communications with chapter chair in guiding the chapter
  • Attend monthly Zoom calls with Climate Reality, if possible, especially if chapter chair can’t make the call

Communications / Marketing Lead(s)

  • Attend monthly leadership meetings
  • Create social media graphics/flyers
  • Send out 2 email newsletters/month
  • Post events on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other channels
  • Keep website updated
  • Keep mailing list updates

Events/Programs Committee Lead

  • Organize chapter meetings and special events
  • Assist with finding venues
  • Help find speakers
  • Help organize any food options if allowed

Presentation Committee Lead

  • Attend leadership meetings
  • Organize presentation workshops
  • Help members get information and resources they need for presentations
  • Work with Marketing Lead on promotion

Membership Lead

  • Attend Leadership meetings
  • Make sure new emails are gathered at chapter meetings
  • Send that information to Communications Lead
  • Follow up by email, phone or in-person with any new attendees


  • Attend leadership meetings
  • Take notes and send out to the group
  • Take notes in chapter meetings to share on website
  • Assist with any written and administrative tasks
  • Send thank-you notes to speakers

Committee Leads

  • Organize a monthly meeting with goals that fit within the Climate Reality Chapter of catalyzing change and education.
  • Share your updates with the Leadership Team and at Chapter Meetings.
Specific skills and help needed if you can volunteer:
  • Email newsletters: Gather articles and content.
    Social Media: Post on FB, Twitter, IG.
  • Videography and photography for events.
  • Writing and Editing.
  • And more…