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Can the ocean provide the energy that Oregon's homes need?

Wave energy off the coast of Oregon has the potential to supply as much power as the entire state uses every year, and a range of projects are looking to study and develop this resource.

We're accelerating Community-driven energy projects

Learn about the Oregon Community Solar Program and why it helps all energy customers save money while taking initiative to decarbonize the grid.

Sign up Your Household

Save money on your electric bill by subscribing to a local renewable energy project.

Electrify Your Home

Download a free guide for renters and homeowners to learn how to affordably and comprehensively electrify your home, removing unsafe fossil fuels from your home.

Sign up Your Community

Share the program with low-Income households in your community to save them up to 40% on their electric bill, replacing fossil gas power in Oregon in the process.

Help us Shape Oregon Energy Policy

Join our working group biweekly meetings to learn about where you can take action to support programs transitioning to a more just and sustainable energy system for Oregon.

Latest Updates from our Working Group

Can you really grow vegetables under solar panels in Oregon?

Dr. Chad Higgins, Associate Professor of Agriculture at Oregon State University, and his team are hoping to learn which crops can be grown under solar panels, improving crop production while generating clean, renewable, low-cost energy. By Larry Thompson – Renewable Energy Working Group Summer in Oregon, with its abundant water and warm, sunny days offers … Continued

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