Are you concerned about climate change? Do you enjoy working with middle and high school  students? Would you enjoy helping students engage in a hands-on, service-learning project?

If so, we encourage you to join us as a Vision 2030 Climate Educator to inform students about  the climate solutions in our region’s Climate Action Plan, relevant workforce opportunities, and  to facilitate service-learning opportunities for students with nonprofit partners. 

We are looking for people who: 

  • Relate easily and enjoy working with middle and high school students o Are knowledgeable about climate change challenges and solutions 
  • Are competent presenting information online (or excited to learn to do so) o Are available 4-6 hours per month this November – May to: 
    • Present our Keystone Lesson on Climate Solutions to classes 
    • Open to learning how to present other relevant lessons on climate solutions Serve as a liaison to our nonprofit partners that offer service-learning opportunities  either online or in-person (as health conditions permit) 

✓ Very flexible time commitment. We’re asking each Climate Solutions Educator to devote  4-6 hours a month to present to classes and to serve as a liaison between teachers,  students and nonprofits that offer service-learning opportunities.  

✓ How we support you. We provide an in-depth orientation to the Vision 2030 Team and  closely review with you our Keystone Lesson materials. We also provide hands-on  support to prepare you to present the lesson and to serve as a liaison with our nonprofit  partners. Candidates will complete a background check prior to serving as a volunteer. 

SAGE’s Vision 2030 Team includes teachers, volunteers and nonprofit and governmental  organizations who support a local, place-based approach to educate middle and high school  students about our region’s groundbreaking efforts to reduce carbon emissions 50 percent  from 1990 levels by 2030. Learn more about our efforts at 

Call or e-mail SAGE to learn more about serving as a Climate Solutions Educator:  971-717-6570,