April 19 7:00 pm

Focus on Climate Justice: Special guest Dr. Liliana Caughman will be speaking to our chapter.

Dr. Caughman will discuss an introduction to climate justice, how it is typically conceptualized in terms of distributive, procedural, and recognitional justice, but how it can be alternatively defined in different ways by varying communities, with a focus on some Indigenous frameworks of climate and environmental justice. She will also illustrate how these various lenses of climate justice can be turned into actions, and give examples from her community engaged sustainability and resilience work in Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwestern United States.

Dr. Liliana Caughman is an interdisciplinary environmental and social scientist with a focus on urban sustainability and resilience. She is passionate about achieving the transformational changes needed to combat climate change in just, fair, and equitable ways.

She is currently a Faculty member in the Native Environmental Science program at Northwest Indian College, Affiliated Faculty at Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions and at Arizona State University as a visiting scholar.

Liliana earned a B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley, Master’s in Environmental Studies from Evergreen State College, and PhD in Earth, Environment, and Society from Portland State University. Liliana has led a variety of applied research projects focused on climate adaptation, resiliency, and partnerships for sustainability outcomes. Additionally, she has worked on research, policies, and programs at the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, and the Sustainability in Prisons Project.

We will also be discussing special Portland Climate Reality Project chapter news and committee updates.

Stay till the end for a virtual social chat with other climate leaders.