September 29 5:00 pm

Kick start your individual knowledge-building around sustainability measures to take today that are personally meaningful, actionable and impactful all year long.

Are you trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, save money, improve the environment or participate in community actions with others? There are so many reasons to take action.

This workshop is specifically designed for individuals who are concerned about the impacts they are experiencing from climate change and to learn tools for implementing sustainability measures in their lives.

This 75 minute interactive workshop engages participants to identify sustainability measures that feel good to them, right now, and that are aligned with what they value.

This workshop will help you:
1. Articulate what is most important to you.
2. Identify impact categories in your life that can be more sustainable.
3. Combine your values with actionable sustainability measures.
Are you interested in getting started on your personal sustainability journey? If so, register Today!

Attendees can have a keepsake of their learnings in the workshop by adding the TripleWin’s DIY Sustainability box set – a set of 60 sustainability tip cards organized by the eight impact categories (i.e., Home, Property, Energy, Food, Waste, Water, Material Goods, and Transportation) discussed in the workshop. We also offer a digital version of these cards that can be downloaded. The tips provide actionable measures to keep you motivated and having fun.