October 18 7:00 pm

We’re doing an in-person meeting for October (switching it every other month from virtual), and will be working on getting the vote out for the midterms. Meet your fellow Climate Reality leaders, share what you are working on and enjoy some community time while we take climate action together for this critical midterm election. Surprisingly, even environmental voters often do not vote.

Sending personal postcards can be very effective at influencing voters. One study shows that handwritten, personalized postcards sent to women who are occasional voters as part of a get-out-the-vote effort increased turnout by 1.4% over a control group. Even if we move a small amount of people to vote, this can have a huge impact on elections that turn on the slimmest of margins in swing states. People get used to the glossy fliers, and a handwritten note really stands out.

We’re trying out a new venue that has a private meeting space, and we encourage you to purchase food and/or drink from them if possible! All ages are welcome.

More details will be coming, but we plan to provide all the supplies needed so please RSVP.

If you can’t make it, please do send some postcards out from home! If you want to come, but you have terrible handwriting, join us anyway.