Join Climate Reality Portland’s Legislative Committee! Our Legislative Committee’s goals are to:

  1. Advocate in support of or in opposition to climate bills put forth in the Oregon Legislature through:
    • Collaboration with Oregon climate organizations.
    • Providing written and oral testimony to legislative committees.
    • Building relationships with our legislators.
    • Educating legislators about the merits of bills and why they are important.
    • Educating CRPDX Chapter members about the merits of bills, why they are important, and advocacy opportunities.
    • Educating the community about climate bills and offering avenues for advocacy

2. When not in legislative session, track and advocate for climate policy implementation through Oregon state agencies.

3. Be aware of and respond to climate misinformation, for example misinformation campaigns by fossil fuel companies.

The below links give you an idea of our 2024 legislative work:

CRPDX LC 2024 Bill Advocacy
2024 CRP Portland positions on Oregon Climate issues and legislation

No experience is necessary. We all learn as we go and support each other’s growth as advocates. This work is exciting, fun, rewarding, at times difficult, and makes a difference!