Speak up for Climate Legislation this year


Would you work with us in setting up a constituent meeting with your Oregon State House or Senate member? Here’s why:


Even though the state legislature is not in session, committees are working behind the scenes on what will be next year’s bills. We want to make sure that we get legislation to implement the climate goals Oregon has set (and with luck, get even stronger measures!) 


Constituents open doors to congressional offices. Especially in the run-up to an election, legislators want to hear what their constituents care about. We need them to hear loud and clear that their constituents, their community, cares about climate and expects them to pass important climate bills that will reduce emissions and build a clean renewable energy future. These meetings will most likely be virtual through zoom.


Getting that meeting is our #1 priority, and we can’t do it without you! 


You don’t need any previous experience. Our volunteers who have already spearheaded legislative meetings will guide you through the request process and join you in the meeting!  At the meeting, you can participate as you desire, from simply introducing yourself as a constituent, to leading the policy discussion. 


Our legislative task force team can provide:

  • An initial meeting request template and any assistance needed determining whether to send through a web portal, direct email, or phone call
  • Proposed meeting outline/draft agenda template – subject to editing to reflect your legislators specific concerns and knowledge at a:
    • Pre-meeting zoom, assigning roles
  • Summary of asks to leave with the legislator
  • Quick debrief for those who can attend – to make sure the group agrees on what was said
  • Follow-up protocol 

Will you help us open those doors? 


Please fill out this google form so that we can connect with you and make these meetings a reality! (It has a link to search for your State representatives if you’re not sure) 


Don’t feel comfortable setting up a meeting yet but still want to take action? Fill out this form so we know how you want to help!


Thank you in advance for helping our chapter connect with your legislators and communicate to them the need for legislation impacting the climate crisis,


CRPDX Legislative Committee


PS And let us know if you would like to join the Legislative Committee by emailing Karen at crpdx.legislativecommittee@gmail.com.